I grew up in a kibbutz and was naturally drawn to the artistic world from a young age. My deepest passion lies in design and art and it is found in all kinds of fields for me – from photo and video editing to wall murals, wood paintings, and even culinary arts like decorated cakes and cookies.
My formal journey in design began in high school, in major product design. This is where I first experimented into design software such as Illustrator and Photoshop. After years of experience working with children, I decided to get back to my first love – design. I graduated from John Bryce College, specializing in graphic design and UI/UX design.
With a paintbrush in one hand and design software in the other, my goal is to breathe life into every space and create digital designs that narrate unique stories. My portfolio is a reflection of my work, showcasing my journey towards becoming a UI/UX designer. It highlights my ability to blend artistic creativity with user-centric design principles, striving to create intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and functional user experiences.

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